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    Unanswered: SQLSTATE 805 after certain numbers of statements


    we are running a Spring/JPA application which does multithreaded data processing on tomcat using DB2. If we are running large jobs containing a lot of statements the database raises a SQLSTATE 805 after ~1150 statements.

    if we perform a entityEanager.flush() manually the problem does not appear.

    how can this happen? is there a certain limitation in DB2 for statements in parallel sessions?

    Notice : we run DB2 on z/os

    Thanks in advance,

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    Find out (from the DBA, or from the detailed messages in the log files) *which* package is not found or not bound... You have to have that as a starting point...

    Is the package the same for every occurrence of the problem, or does the package-name vary?

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    If the error is cursor-related, check that you close your cursors properly. For example, Java/JDBC has a very unfortunate default setting to use WITH HOLD cursors, which are not closed upon COMMIT. (And that default is used because auto-commit is another such unfortunate default.)
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