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    Unanswered: How to enable R-Click filtering on a form?

    Hi there,

    I have a database (MSA 2003) that has many users, of which i have disabled the "shift key function". to protect the database.

    I have created a new form that shows all the records from a table, I would like users to filter records on this form only by r-clicking criteria but as the database isn't in edit mode user's cannot filter..

    Is there a way of allowing just the "filtering options" (not Properties) when users r-click? (on a this form only).

    Hope this is clear?

    Many thanks for your time



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    You need to create a custom popup menu and assign it to the form (ShortcutMenuBar property of a form).

    1. right-click on any Toolbar or Menubar and select Customize...

    2. In the Customize dialog box, select the Toolbars tab ans click on the button New...

    3. Supply a name for the new Toolbar and click OK. A new (empty) Toolbar appears.

    4. Select the Commands tab in the Customize dialog box and from the Commands, list select the command(s) you want to add to the new toolbar (drag-drop from the list to the toolbar). You can either select existing Access commands or select the Custom command in the File category.

    5. If you select a Custom command, right-click on it when is't added to the new Toolbar and use the various function proposed in the popup menu to customize it.

    6. When you're done building the new Toolbar, click on the Close button of the Customize dialog box.

    7. Right-click on the new Toolbar and select Customize...

    8. in the Customize dialog box, select the Toolbars tab then the new Toolbar you created and click on the Properties button.

    8. In the Toolbar Properties dialog box, use the Type combo and select Popup. A warning message appears explaining that changing the Type property to Popup changes the Toolbar to a shortcut menu. Click OK.

    9. Close the Toolbar Properties dialog box then the Customize dialog box.

    10. Open the Form in Design mode, open the Properties windows, select the Other tab and select the name of the new toolbat in the Shortcut Menu Bar combo.

    You're done!
    Have a nice day!

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    Works a treat, however I cannot seem to find the toolbar for "Filter For:".

    I want it like this:

    - Filter by selection:
    - Filter Exluding selection:
    - Filter For:
    - Remove Filter/Sort:

    Any idea's where this might be hiding?

    Thanks for the reply


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    I have solved the problem...

    Click View, Toolbars, Customise
    Tick Shortcut Menus
    Tick Form, then select 'Form View Subform'

    "Filter For:" is there, just draged it into my own toolbar.



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