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    Exclamation Unanswered: Format HTML Email from Database

    My company needs my to write a script that will generate invites to a workshop. We're currently drafting each one manually using data pulled from queries that I had built. There are 8 workshops a week so this is a huge time-sucker.
    The invites need to be formatted in a very specific way. I need to be able to populate the text with values from the DB.

    Example: You and your team are invited to join us on DATE1 - DATE2 in CITY , STATE (FACILITY LOCATION, ADDRESS)

    The Variables are collected from a Query.

    Now, they need to be inserted into the email body.
    Is this possible using VBA for Microsoft Access? If so, are there resources you know of that demonstrate?
    Any help would be appreciated. I've had months to do this and I'm still not even close to understanding it.
    I currently, have no code written for this SCrip.

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    Of course. Welcome to the CDO Library. Google it. As a starting point, take a look at VBScript To Send Email Using CDO

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