I have a DB with customers in one table and then related tables that contain each time we speak to them, each time they order something and each time there is a meeting with them.

I've been asked to setup a query that will show the user's details, from the customers table and then the most recent dated entry in the other 3 tables.
I know that this is asked for a lot and have tried a few of the solutions I have found but I get a variety of errors from each when I try them. I'm not sure if I've been translated the table names incorrectly.

Can anyone help me? I have got so far which gives me a list of all companies, with a date set in the column for those that we have never contacted.

Select contacts.*,iif(isnull([date chased]),'31/12/9999',[date chased]) AS [Date_Chased]
from contacts
LEFT JOIN [chases table] on
contacts.id = [chases table].company