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    Unanswered: Date and Time Dimensions

    Hope I find you well guys. I am new to data warehousing and I need to create time and date dimensions for the warehouse I am implementing. Can anyone help me on how to do this, my ETL tool is IBM InfoSphere Warehouse. The data source, execution and target databases are all on DB2.

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    ... I need to create time and date dimensions
    My questions are...

    (1) Why "need to create ... dimensions"?
    I don't know about "create dimensions" so much, so I asked this question.
    I thought that to make an index on the column(or an index having the column as the first column) would be enough for performance.

    (2) What were differences between "to create time and date dimensions" and "to create other than time nor dimensions"?

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    Dimension tables in warehouses are typically used in "star schemas" or "snowflake schemas". You may want to read up on those.

    Basically, a time dimension is a regular table with a synthetic primary key column (which is then referenced from the fact table). Whichever columns you have in your dimension table depends on your requirements. You may have separate columns for year, month, day, week, quarter, or you may have just a single column of data type DATE.
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