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    Unanswered: How to Register Existing Running Services in Grid Control via SYSMAN commands

    I need to register 2 existing services in Grid Control. These services are currently running on a RAC database:

    oracle@prdrac04-Linux>srvctl status service -d MYPROD1
    Service MYPROD1_ETL is running on instance(s) MYPROD11
    Service MYPROD1_KE is running on instance(s) MYPROD12
    Service MYPROD1_ATA is running on instance(s) MYPROD11, MYPROD12
    Service MYPROD1_CPE is running on instance(s) MYPROD11, MYPROD12

    I need to register MYPROD1_ETL and MYPROD1_KE services in Grid control bypassing the Grid Control application layer. I need to run some sysman packages in order to register them. I'll need to bypass the Grid Control application layer because on the "Cluster Managed Database Services" page it asks for credetials of the OS user which owns the Oracle cluster. Due to auditing reasons we don't know oracle or root user credentials. Also, on the "Manage Privilege Delegation Settings" page in Grid Control I created sudo privilege on these 2 nodes, applied them to those machines and still I can't login to the environment on the "Clister Managed Database Services". Thus I'm asking whether you can provide me with commands on how directly register services in SYSMAN schema and monitor performance related to these services.

    Thank you in advance,

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    I'm not sure that what you want is possible. The credentials required are those for the host server, so bypassing layers in Grid Control won't achieve anything - authentication is with the host server, not with CG processes.
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    Have you tried:

    Setup -> Agents ... Select agent

    Click on bottom center: Agent Resynchronization.

    May work for you
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