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    Unanswered: DB search


    I am sure it is VERY simple but sometimes we can't see it.

    I have a table with NAMES and PHONES

    Then I want to have a search on my web page, "look for specific names".

    The site charset = iso-8859-1 (portuguese-br)

    so when a user uploads his name and number, on the DB it saves like this (with accents)

    NAME ---------------- NUMBER

    Joăo ----------------- 12345678
    Rámon --------------- 87654321

    when I do the search, if I write Joao (without the accent) I dont get results, any help ?

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    Have a look at either the MySQL function SOUNDEX or the following link Common MySQL Queries for Levenshtein which is another popular comparison.
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    thanks, starting to get there

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