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    Unanswered: Excessive memory usage

    Hi all, I am new guy here, sorry if this is duplicate one.

    Recently, I had a task which required me to display a very big data from MS SQL Server 2008. To be more specific, the table contained 40 millions of records and it costed almost 13 gb of HD space. Then, the problem arrived when I executed the SQL 'Select' command, such as : Select * from table, or Select * from table where bla-bla. The SQL Server took almost all free space of the system's memory and finally announced insufficiency of system's memory. Is there any means/ methods to solve this kind of problem?

    Thank You

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    Reducing the size of the "found set" would be a way.

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    40 Million rows and 13 Gb of data is trivial compared to the SQL Server limits. If you are trying to run SQL Server on a Windows Server with 1 GB of memory, then any query would tax that server.

    We need to understand more about your problem in order to help you.

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