Here's the setup:

As-is state: 1 client application (written in Pasqual) that communicates to a web portal (website) via an API call (site and API written in Ruby on Rails) that stores data in a Postgres database.

To-be state: future rewrite of client but need now to have Pasqual client send data (either directly or post API-call, store the data in MS SQL Server tables), with no changes to current client application

With that said, I have a few caveats. The MS SQL Server table structure (num of tables, columns, types of columns and naming convention) are all different. I can change the URL that the client is calling to redirect the data which appears to be URL Query Strings being sent to the API.

I also have the option of letting it keep doing what it does now since this move to the new web portal using the current client is only a short-term fix for the next 3-6 months. My thought here is to do something like a db-link, trigger, foreign table? to port only the data I need into the new table structure from in MS SQL Server, from Postgres, leaving everything else uninterrupted since all I need is the current client data which will then be visually displayed in the new portal once in my SQL Server tables.

So, I came to the experts and hope this has been posted in the right area to get the best response. Can anyone offer up some ideas?