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    Angry Unanswered: Can't connect to password-protected Access database


    I have a perplexing problem: I am having difficulty connecting from my VB5 app to a password-protected Access 97 database using DAO. Without a password it works perfectly, but when I give it a password I get an error: "Couldn't find installable ISAM."

    Here are the relevant properties of my DAO control:

    Connect = "Access;pwd=OpenSesame" 'assuming this is the password
    DefaultType = 2 'UseODBC
    Exclusive = 0 'False
    Options = 0
    ReadOnly = 0 'False
    RecordsetType = 1 'Dynaset

    My app sets the DatabaseName and RecordSource properties at runtime.

    I'm running on Windows 7, but a few years ago I struck the same problem on Windows XP and couldn't solve it then. PLEASE HELP!! Without a solution, my database won't be password-protected. (It doesn't make much sense to lock the front door if the back door is wide open.)

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    Hi people,

    No one has replied to my post. Just wondering if anyone has some ideas on how I can get my VB app to connect to a password-protected Access database. Please help, I'm desperate!


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