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    Unanswered: Link Button To A New Or Next Record. Help Please, Access 2007


    I need some more help about a new database. Ill do my best to explain it.

    The database keeps information about route cards.

    Is there a way to assign a button to a specific TQP Number or the type field


    TQP Number - TQP 4.44/44/44

    Type - ZZ4444

    Is there a way where if i click on next record or create a new record and enter either type or TQP number depends on which one i assign it to. The button linked with either a TQP number or the Type field will appear with a link to the correct report.

    Hope this is understandable if you need more information please just ask.

    any help would be appreciated.


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    Doing a search for a particular record based on some value is definitely doable, the first question I would have is about the structure of the database. What uniquely defines a record in your table? If type ZZ4444 is not unique to one record then you will have to deal with a list of potential records, but again, it's manageable.

    In this case you might find it easier to keep the form unbound and manage the data yourself. It depends on the process flow that you are looking to get. If the intention is to pull up existing records based on a combination of TQP and/or Type then create a simple search form with those two fields (possibly as combo boxes) and provide the user with a list of potential records based on what they enter, and let them choose the one they want to view.


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