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    Unanswered: Need SQL's to find below junk patterns in employee name

    string starts with 3 digit same number
    111 H,777GGG,9999 H etc

    string starts with NULL

    string that starts with sequential digits
    123g,897 k

    string that starts with sequential alphabets
    abcmki12, ghimkkk, rst123 5 etc

    string only one character (digit or letter)

    string only has same character repeated 3 times except for OOO

    string only has three characters, 1 digit and two letters or 2 digit one letter

    string that has only two characters one digit and one letter
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    This appears to be a homework assignment. Please make an attempt to solve it on your own. DBForums will help you, but we won't do your homework for you.

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