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    Unanswered: filtering fields based on other fields

    Hello all,
    I am making a database for my ICT department. Attached as a ZIP file, 03/10 versions attached, but working from 10.

    It needs to contain:
    Student, Class, Project, Level, Feedback

    So far I have:
    tblstudents, tblClasses, tblProjects, tblLevels. tblFeedback. Which all feed into tblAssessment. I have tblFeedProjLevel which links the primary keys from tblfeedback,tblprojects and tbllevels but I am unsure how to use it to get what I need.

    In reality, feedback depends on what project the students are on and what level they achieve.

    When entering the data for a student, I need a way that I can:
    - Limit the feedback fields showing in a combo box by selected a project
    - Further limit the feedback fields showing by selecting a level

    e.g. if you select Scratch, level 3a, then only three fields from tblFeedback will show.

    I then need to be able to create a report containing the student name and feedback by class.
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    assuming that you have tblFeedProjLevel populated with the proper connections between the projects, feedback and levels then you can use this as you row source.

    When the user selects a project set the the row source of the feedback combo box to something like:
    "select feedbackId from tblFeedProjLevel where ProjectId = Scratch"
    once they also select a level just add that to the where clause for something like:
    "select feedbackId from tblFeedProjLevel where ProjectId = Scratch and level = 3a"
    Of course, if you want the feedback names in your combo you'll need to write the query as a join between tblFeedProjLevel and tblFeedback


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