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    Unanswered: Connection to DB2 From Toad Very urgent help please

    I am a newbie with Db2

    I have the username,password and the database name

    What are the steps required to connect to DB2 database from Toad

    I have tried the below steps from Toad
    File -> New -> Connection ->
    Database Name from Drop down -> ABC (example)
    Typed UserName --> XYZ (example)
    Typed Password --> 123# (example)

    Then when i click on connect it displays below error message

    if an error message SQL1404N “Password expired” or SQL30082N
    “Security processing failed with reason 1 (PASSWORD EXPIRED)” is received

    I have researched online and it was saying to reset to my new password on SSH..But i do not know how to connect to SSH

    so Could someone please help me with clear steps for connection to DB2 database from TOAD....

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    Depending on who supports login ids on your system, you should most likely talk with the Security Admins or the Database Support people for the environment.

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