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    A 100TB database server with 40 users


    We are planning on moving one of our COBOL/VSAM applications to a server. This move is for the 'old' system since we have a new one that is also server based. The old one will be freezed for read-only to bring up old data from many years of activity.

    Now there are over 15 vsams converted to maybe 50 tables in all (I figure VSAMS with OCCURS DEPENDING will be separate tables and all tables will relate with the users ID and maybe date of activity.) Some of the tables will be over 10TB and in all I suspect 100TB will be where it ends up (after all the archives are converted to add to the current freezed tables.

    What I am wondering is are there any servers and storage units that can take DBs to 100 TB and have up to 40 users with read-only access to the data? Do we backup conventionally or use a flash drive to speed it up.

    Also I've done a smaller conversion to ASP.NET and SQL DB but I am not sure if this is a job for Oracle/Linux or any other database system like Microsoft SQL.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Are you also considering cloud-based PaaS or just on-premises solutions? If you want to do it on-premises then your shortlist could include the likes of:

    Oracle Exadata
    IBM - Netezza

    Most importantly, hire someone who has done it before and ask them these questions. Don't make decisions based on what you learn from a forum like this one.

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    Yes an on-site system. We have some servers already but nothing this size.

    Thanks I'll look into these.

    I also understand XML would not be a good way as for DB communication (but could be used for defining the tables by translating COBOL copy VSAM copy statements.)



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