I'm a new user and browsing through the forums I was unable to find where to post this question. Most of the forums are a bit too specific for a few questions that I had.

Topic: Creating a Consumer Oriented Database with Web Frontend

Concept: I'm trying to create database and accompanying web frontend (either through a traditional site/CMS or Web App) that will categorize products from a large selection of manufacturers. Here's an example of what I would need it to do:
The website would contain multiple database tables with information such as Manufacturer, Miniatures, Game Systems, Genre, Race, Artist, Retailers, etc.
Gamers could use the system to look at a particular game system, for example:
A user would like to see possible miniatures that would fit GW->Warhammer Fantasy->Dark Elves->Witch Elves; the search would return:
Witch Elves (GW), Blood Vestals (Raging Heroes), Nasithe - Darkspawn Hero (Reaper)
Each returned result would have: a picture, a link to manufacturer, a link to reputable retailers that carry product, and maybe a few other fields

Requested Feedback: Does anyone know of any web software/apps that I could use to create this almost "Review/Directory" style frontend? I'm guessing that it would something similar to a review/directory site (like edmunds.com or howlongtobeat.com). Originally I thought to make database using Access, export using freeware tools into a mySQL database and then writing php that would call forward the records . . .

However that's a lost of me basically fuddling with code that I know someone already has done.