I mentioned earlier that I suspected that htmlBody had limitations. "htmBody" is a property of "CDO.Message". I was filling htmlBody thus:

dim ahtmlbody as string

ahtmlbody = " <html>"
ahtmlbody = ahtmlbody & "<body>............."
ahtmlbody = " </html>"

With iMessage......

.htmlBody= ahtmlbody.
End With

In this way, I load a web page, inserting variables as necessary. This works for up to 900 characters (size of "ahtmlbody") . Larger than about 900 characters, nothing is written, so a web page would stop half way through. However, is there a limit on the number of rows in this construct (i.e., "ahtmlbody = ahtmlbody & ...") or the number of characters? I can load a text file of unlimited length (using "openTextFile" and "ReadAll" into ".htmlbody" without any problem. However, I cannot readily insert variables into the textfile.


John S
Aylmer, Quebec, Canada