We are running Z/OS DB2 (i think version 10).

Can the DB2 LOAD utility make use of DB2 sequence objects to automatically assign the 'NEXT VALUE' of a sequence object, to an INTEGER type column during the load process ? If so, can someone please direct me in the DB2 utilities manual (I have manual # SC19-2984-05), where it discusses this (or provide examples).

Alternatively, can the DEFAULT of an integer type column at creation time, be defined so that it uses the NEXT VALUE of a specified sequence object. That way, if we omitted any references to this column in the LOAD step, it would presumably default to the NEXT VALUE of that sequence object ?

Any ideas ?
In the past when we loaded values to an integer column that was goverend by a sequence object, we were forced to pre-generate the unique integer values and place them in the LOAD dataset. After the load was finished, we would then have to run an 'ALTER sequence object' RESTARTWITH=nnnnnn
SQL statement to synchronize the DB2 catalog with the next value to use.