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    Unanswered: TSA HADR cluster : connect timeout value towards network tie breaker.

    Hello everybody;

    We have a TSA-HADR cluster for our db2 9.5 servers,
    which uses a network tie breaker.
    So both db2 servers continually ping the network tie breaker to detect possible network problems.

    I am trying to find where the timeout value is for these pings.
    Is there a parameter for it, or how is it configured?

    I guess that it will take several failed pings to the network tie breaker before a db2 server is rebooted, but I cannot find the parameter which determines this.
    I have looked on the internet, but alas.

    Does anyone know which parameter determines this?

    Thank you in advance;

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    lscomg command.

    That lists the communication group for the domain. Sensitivity and Period columns together identify how long the timeout is
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