Hello, I'm new at creating databases so I don't know much about macro and vba but I am making a database about the transactions of products my company does with various customers and suppliers. So I have all the relevant tables, queries anf forms, all ready and working but my boss(has no idea aout DBs and Access) has asked me to add these features to the forms and I've looked all over the internet forums but I can't find any solution that seems relevant...

So, he is asking me to create checkboxes for the Outstanding payments from customers and Payable payments to suppliers for when these amount are paid. So far that is fine (I have the yes/no fields in the respective tables and works fine on the forms etc). But what he wants is:
1. when the Outstanding checkbox is checked on the Transactions form, the payable amount and checkbox should appear in the Supplier Reference List form (from a query)
2. at the same time, the outstanding amount is cleared from the Customer Reference List form (another query based form) (this is so that when he runs the query for "total outstanding per customer", the result is a sum of all the outstanding amounts that hasnt been paid.)
3. Then, when the Payable is paid to the supplier, he can, again, check the checkbox, which clears the amount, this time for Suppliers.

For number 1, Ive tried to use the IF function to make the Payables appear onthe same form but it appears on all the transactions and not just specific to the one that is checked.

Please help!!

I don't know if i explained myself enough but please let me know if you need more information and I hope there is a way.
Thank you very much!!