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    Unanswered: MS Access 07 vba: Run-time error 438

    Hi All -
    I am looking for some help on something I believe is super simple, what's confusing me is a.) this is an old db, I know this used to run (maybe corporate is behind on service packs); b.) when the error box pops up, the cursor is where I want it with the SetFocus - so (as the administrator) if I END, I'm where I needed to be anyway and I just continue on.

    Any suggestions on an error handler or different syntax to stop this error message for my users?

    Object doesn't support this method or property

    Private Sub TITLE3_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
    Me.REGTABLE22509_OLD.Form!STATNOTES.SetFocus **errors this line**
    End Sub

    many thanks!

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    What happens if you try to use a more complere reference:
    Have a nice day!

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    thank you - tried it
    It gave me the same error 438.

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