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Thread: DB2 trace

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    Unanswered: DB2 trace

    db2 9.7 /Win 2008 r2

    Please put me in right direction.

    We are running one Cognos report which takes normally 30 min to run.

    But some times we get timeout in the middle while executes.

    We have checked with networks and no Network issues.

    The question is, what type of trace I can perform in the DB to catch this issue.

    I did the snapshot and I can see the statement and it's executing.


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    Please give more detail: what kind of timeout?
    Do you get a specific error message or error -code in the Cognos log file, what is the exact code?

    Is it a database lock timeout, or is it a tcpip connection timeout ?

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    I can not see any logs catch this message. The cognos error says, TIMEOUT While execute. no error code or no entry in event log.

    database lock timeout has been set to -1 . so this will not cause the issue.

    we dont get this timeout all the time. but gets randomly.

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    What does Cognos Support say ?

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    DO you mean that cognos is timeout because of the long running sql?
    if so ,plz pick up the SQL ,
    use db2batch to excute it and collect the access plan.
    and then post the output and the access plan here......
    for example

    db2batch -d <dbname> -f <sqlfile> -i complete -o r 10 p 5 e yes
    db2exfmt -d <dbname> -1

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