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    Unanswered: Help with append queries and linking subforms


    I have created an Append Query.

    the table tblQueue is the field where it keeps the data.

    I have made a query from the tblQueue and that is now on the main form as a subform.

    The subform isn't linked to anything via master and child.

    There is a drop down list on a another subform that i think i need to link the data to.

    Heres the code that i've used to run the append query.

    Private Sub Append_Click()
    stDocName = "qryOrderAp"
    Docmd.OpenQuery stDocName, acNormal, acEdit
    MsgBox "Done!"
    End Sub
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    An Append Query does not return any rowset.
    Have a nice day!

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    Hi thanks for the reply

    So are you saying that i can do what i want to do or what.


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    You haven't said what you want to do.
    An append query does not return rows. Therefore, if you want to use the append query as the datasource for the subform, then the answer is no.

    The code that you've posted looks fine - it assigns a value to a variable, uses that variable in a query execution statement and reports success. What is is not doing that you want it to do? What is is doing that you don't want it to do?
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