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    Unanswered: mysql multithread


    I have a question that I should now, but can't seem to figure out..

    I have a web apllication build in mysql (wel the database of course) Therefore I created a user in mysql and that user is the user that connects to the db and retrievs and inserts data.
    So if 50 people are working in de application and one is doing a big data search the rest is kept waiting.

    I'm thinking about giving all the users there own mysql user to use the multithread option of mysql.
    But is this indeed true? Is that the way to optimize the db?

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    There are several things to take into consideration here:

    1. MySQL is designed for simultaneous access. You can have many connections to the database with the same username/password. This is not a limiting factor. One will not wait for the previous one to complete etc.
    2. Databases are designed for both inserts and selects. If you have a report that is reading large amounts of data, you can also have other connections inserting or updating. If there are many inserts or updates occurring every second then you may need to tweak the database parameters but in 99% cases the defaults are more than sufficient.
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