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    Question Unanswered: Rebuilding sysadmin database

    I am getting alerts on my OAT tool saying:

    TASK NAME Save SQL Trace LOCATION ERROR: -206 The specified table (mon_syssqltrace) is not found in the database. ERROR -111 ISAM error: no record found.

    This error message repeats every 15 minutes.

    In the past, our vendor has said this means our sysadmin database needs rebuilding using:

    cd $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sysadmin;
    dbaccess - db_uninstall.sql;
    dbaccess - db_create.sql;
    dbaccess sysadmin db_install.sql;
    dbaccess sysadmin sch_tasks.sql;
    dbaccess sysadmin sch_aus.sql;
    dbaccess sysadmin sch_sqlcap.sql;
    dbaccess sysadmin start.sql;

    Now to my questions:

    • Any idea what causes this to show up periodically?
    • Can I run this update while users are on the system?
    • What does this database do anyway? (obviously I am not a dbadmin guy)

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    mon_syssqltrace is a one of the 4 real tables used to stock your sqltrace results. They are created by the sql_shownap stored procedure which is delivered in the OAT distribution. I think the procedure is executed once when you execute the sqltrace functionality ( not sure though ).

    if you list this procedure's code, you will find how to create those tables ( which in fact are created the first time you execute sql_showsnap.

    The workaround would be to execute the sql_shownap stored procedure, and it will create the tables.

    Not very beautiful, but definately much better than dropping sysadmin

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