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    So i had a Navigation form with a combo box ontop. It allowed me to filter through my reports based on the "ID" of the Fund Name. now i want to have a combo box select a Fund (Still Id), and beside it have a button for a report.
    Once i click the button i want it to topen the form with the filter taken place so only the Fund Name with its corresponding data is viewed.

    Here was my old code:
    Private Sub SelectFund_AfterUpdate()
    Me.NavigationSubform.Report.FilterOn = False
    Me.NavigationSubform.Report.Filter = "ID=" & Me.MyFundName
    Me.NavigationSubform.Report.FilterOn = True
    End Sub

    How do i get it so i can click the button and have the Report Filtered?
    Report Name: 13T-Table and Fund Analysis (theres going to be two buttons)
    Cbo Name: MyFundName
    Cbo Bound: ID

    The combo box views the fund name, but selects the ID to filter upon. Instead of filtering in navigation subforms i just want to click the button, the form pops up already filtered.
    I tried this already:
    DoCmd.OpenReport "Fund Analysis",acviewReport , , "ĪD=" & Me.MyFundName but it doesnt recognize ID and yet my other report search did
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    NVM I GOT IT TO WORK! I dont know what happened but it works now lol

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