It is probably not ASE related, I am just hoping that someone in this forum already saw something similar. So, here it goes:
ASE 15.0.3

Application: Infomaker report encapsulated into a PowerBuilder 11 application.

Symptom: Infomaker report retrieves partial dataset. Every rerun retrieves more of the dataset, so the retrieved number of rows never decrease. After some reruns it retrieves the full dataset.

Environment: Deployment is a Citrix Thin Client. There are 3 Application Servers set up identically. Two of them has average 25-30 clients the third one has max 5 clients. On this third Application Server all run retrieves the full data set. Native client also always retrieves the full dataset.

The flow is is this:
- client establishes connection and sends request to the server.
- server sends the requested info back to the client
- without receiving all the data needed for the request, client sends a ct_cancel /0x06 in the tcpdump. Full hex sequence is: 06 00 00 08 00 00 00 00/. I could not decipher yet what event in PowerBuilder Runtime or in Infomaker is triggering this ct_cancel message.

Thanks ahead,