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    Unanswered: Query Access 2007 Table Using Multiple Combo Boxes


    I am new to Microsoft Access so please forgive my ignorance. Using Access 2007, I would like to build a database that uses multiple combo boxes to query a master table. I have already set up several combo boxes on a form that I want use to query the data contained in the master table.

    Should I build a separate query using the query builder and then somehow link the query to the selections made on the master table?

    Or should I use the “Event Builder” under each combo box to query the master table like this:
    "SELECT [Name], [Area] FROM [MasterTable]"

    Would I then have to run a second Event Builder query under the “OK” button like this:
    "SELECT [Name] FROM [table] WHERE [FirstName] = 'Whatever was selected'" under the "OK" button?

    Thank you,


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    If the combo boxes do not rely on each other (the data displayed in them is not based on the value chosen in another) and your query is displayed when you hit OK, then why not just have the query under the OK button?

    You would just check all the combo boxes and if there is a value chosen add it to your where clause like you did.

    What I don't understand is if you already have a combo that is displaying a list of names, what is the value of building a query under the OK button to display the names?


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    Can anybody help me to do data entry. Say, I have a address list and there have a Unique Number like client ID. When I want to entry data in my database only I entry that client's ID all other data will entry automatically. like- I will entry 2013 (client ID) other information of the client like address1, address2, District, phone number, credit card number all will entry automatically. Can anybody help me in a very simple way?

    Thanks Ashutosh

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