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    Unanswered: What happens when I use a query ...

    What happens when I use a query field in the design of another the first query result refreshed when I run the second query or does it just use some kind of stored result of the first query to apply to the second query when I run it?

    If it does rerun the first query when I execute the second query, then how can I avoid that? Do I need to cut and past the results of the first query to a table and reference that in the second query so I don't bog down the server?

    Thanks for any help!

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    That's a very good question! And one that gave me a lot of grief until I figured out a simple way to avoid it, and for the exact reason you mention.

    Instead of having the Query1 as a Select query, and putting it into Query2 as a re-generating recordset, change Query1 to be a Make-table query, which will delete and override the results each time you run it, and have the Temp Table as a recordset in Query2. That way, you can run Query1 once, and Query2 any number of times based on the same results.

    This approach works wonders when you're in the testing / debugging stage of development. However, bear in mind that if you're running this in VBA code that is generating a periodic report, for example, and Query1 is getting its data from a live file, you really do want to re-run Query1 every time you run the program.

    Love the question, though!


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    Thanks a ton. What a great answer!...especially given how amorphous the original question was. It makes complete sense and will keep the db admins at bay.

    Thanks again!

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