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    Unanswered: Paradox 7

    I have just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7. I use Paradox 7, and haven't had any problems with the change, except for 2:

    1 When I close a session of Paradox, it doesn't close the "process" entry in Windows Task Manager. So I have to go into Task Manager, on the "processes" tab, find the line for PdxWin32.exe, and click "end process", each time I close. Otherwise, I can't open it again, because the system thinks Paradox is still running.

    2 Lately, I've been adding many fonts to my system (several hundred), and some of them are automatically shown in the list in Paradox, but some of them are not. They all automatically show in Word, Excel, etc. Then when I delete one, it may disappear from the list in Paradox, or maybe not. I can't see any link between those that do appear/disappear, or any clue as to why others don't. It would be nice to find a way in Paradox to force a refresh of the "installed fonts" list.

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these problems, or any suggestions?

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    as it says on every thread here, your questions should be posted on the "paradox community" site, where the paradox folks hang out

    Newsgroups - Paradox Community
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    Oasis Trading Post
    - Collectibles and Memorabilia
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    - and Paradox Support, too

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