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    What do I need to know?

    Been using Excel extensively for 14 years doing marketing analysis at various companies. Been noticing that many of the data analyst job openings are looking for people with sql knowledge. Been researching sql and have become confused in regards to what level of knowledge is needed from a purely reporting standpoint.

    When I look at books they all seem to go into a depth that I'm assuming isn't necessary for a marketing analyst role.

    Can anyone offer advice on training, books, online classes, etc. on learning the aspects of sql that will allow one to use it purely for reporting purposes.

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    As a marketing analyst, i suspect you would not be expected to create tables, change the definitions of them, or create processes that update any of the "real" data. So all of the info about being a databas admin or an application developer is not the best investment of your time in the near future. You would also want to consider if you want your "code" to generate actual reports or some subset of the data to use as input to some reporting tool.

    For reporting, there are also many tools available. Two that are widely used are Crystal Reports and the SQL Server Reporting Services.

    You would possibly be best served learning "generic" SQL rather than something specific to some particular database software (unless you have a potential employer in mind and know which software they are using).

    Are you looking at running queries against some business tables that are used by the applications (i.e. order entry, sales, iniventory, etc) or is the data already in some kind of data warenbouse? Many data warehouse offerings come with business analysis tools.

    There are several database products that you can download and use for free which would provide a place for you to learn/test.

    Good luck!

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