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    Unanswered: Active Directory Basics, how to open/find?

    I have never used Active directory before but I have a new job and I have been told to learn it. However, I can't even find it! I work in a major organization with networks and drives and I have been told to remote in to a certain drive and see what version of active directory we have so I can purchase a how-to book. I can remote in to this drive where we use SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio, but there is no application called active directory. Where in the world do I go to open it?

    For instance, say I wanted to change a security level of a user, where do I go to open the interface that allows me to do that?

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    I think you want to know what Active Directory Schema is in use, and you can do that by following the instructions in this microsoft support article:
    How to find the current Schema Version

    "Active directory users and computers" is the most common component for administering AD resources natively... If you were looking for an "application" of sorts, that would be the first thing that comes to mind, but I don't think its truly what you are looking for. You can change some account settings through that tool, like group memberships and such which impact security/permissions.

    Recommended reading for what you may need to know about Active Directory depends on your job title and function however. AD is big, and it is complicated - how much you should know about what is relevant to your job and how you'll be interfacing with AD.
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