DB2 Connect server has been migrated from
DB2V8 to DB2V9.5 FP9. After migration all other application were working fine
except DB2VCS application which is accessing a mainframe db.

The Error from the application end attached below.
The OLE DB Provider "" for link server "reported an error. The provider did not give any information about the error
cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider MSADSQL for linked server db2vcs.

Please find the Details:

1) Checked with mainframe team whether the ID used in the linked server
(here msnvcsr) - have full access . Mainframe DB team confirmed the same.

2) From my end I tried connecting to the Remote DB with my credentials and
as well as msnvcsr and am able to connect to the DB2VCS db.

3) Checked with SQL team (db2 connect server holds SQL2005 installed) for the test
connections to the link server. They said they are getting the
authentication failure error when they use msnvcsr id credentials and also
not able to create a new logon.

4) Application team is accessing the Mainframe DB via linked server on
the server and they are getting the OLE DB Provided error.
- SQL objects trying to access Db2 using Microsoft OLEDB provider for ODBC data base.

Could you please suggest some solution to resolve this.