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    Unanswered: stored procedure error

    Hi All,
    I have a sql server 2008 backend and with an access 2003 frontend. I am trying to run a stored proc from access:

    Public Function CONVERTDATAtest()
     On Error GoTo Err_CONVERTDATA
     'Update temporary table and import records into corresponding tables
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryDTFInvoice_append_test"
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryDTFShip_TEMP_Append_test_passthru"
    MsgBox "CONVERSION Completed"
        Exit Function
        MsgBox Str(Err.Number) & " - " & Err.Description
        Resume Exit_CONVERTDATA
    End Function
    It gives me an error: 3162 your tried to assign a null value to a variable that is not a variable data.

    When I try to run the stored proc outside the form it begins to run and stops.

    I check the table and its half complete. There are no nulls in the table I'm working with.
    Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong?

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    Cary, NC
    I don't think this code is the problem, but you can use it to determine which of the three queries is causing you an issue. Put a breakpoint in and step thru the code. Once you know which query is the culprit post some more information on it.


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