All, I have a sql back end with a access 2003 front end. I have a temp table linking to the front end. The temp table did not have any unique indexes in SQL. When it did; it wouldnt accept the import. When relinked to front end it ask which column to use as unique. This only shows on the access front end and now accepts the import. This temp table is used to import excel data; update records and append the data to a permenate table. When users run the import(cmd button on a form) they delete the temp table then populate with the import. This is not working as expected. I get errors like: "single row update/delete affected more than one row". Also; getting an 3349 error pertaining to datatype. I format the spreadsheet but is loses its formating when during the import process. Does anyone have a way around these issues. The problem seems to be the temp table in SQL. When I use it local; I don't have these problems. I only decided to use it as a linked table because I was able to combine my update statements into one stored procedure.
Please advise. Thanks