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    Unanswered: Opening a form by clicking on invididual records in a continuous form/report

    I am fairly new to MS Access and don't have much understanding on VBA code as well. However, for the sake of learning and to replace and old excel based solution used to capture details of various team members in our team - I am trying to create a database in MS Access. I have posted my query on another forum, posting here as well - hoping that I can get some experts to look at my problem here as well.

    This is an MS Access database solution I am trying to develop for my team with about 100+ team members - working in different technologies, working for different customers, from different locations and so forth.

    So far, I have created a "Main" (frmMain) form which has a button to open up a "summarized" report (rptEmployeeSummary) of various people in the team. I wan't to be able to click on an individual's name such that it opens up the record for that employee from the main database (tblEmployeeDetails) in another form (frmEmployeeDetails). That form would then have an update button and a cancel button to allow the users to come back to the main report or to update any values in the main database from that form itself.

    I got the first part working, that is, I have generated the report, and when I click on a employee's record, it opens up the desired form "frmEmployeeDetails" for that particular employee. However, when I dome viewing/updating that record and comeback to the main report to view another record, I get an error :

    The table "tblEmployeeDetails" is already open exclusively by another user, or it is already opened and cannot be manipulated programmatically.

    What am I missing here? Any clues or ideas?

    Let me know if I haven't made my question clear or if any more information is needed.


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    For anyone who might face the same problem - the issue was resolved by changing the "Record Locks" property for the form "frmEmployeeDetails". Good Luck!

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