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    Unanswered: mandatory checkbox

    I have a checkbox on my main form. This checkbox is to be mandatory on save and close. If this checkbox has not been checked then an error message is supplied and it goes to the field I assigned to setfocus. This does work on save. However if I go to close and the checkbox hasn't been checked then it will supply the error message then close. Does not go to the designated setfocus field. You can't setfocus to a checkbox right?

    Thanks in advance
    Kim P

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    I'm confused! What is the point of having a Checkbox Control that has to have one and only one given Value, i.e has to be equal to True/Yes/-1, before the Record can be saved?

    That aside, you have to Cancel the save before returning Focus to the Checkbox. in general terms, Validation code to check Controls before saving a Record should be something like this:
    Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
     If Me.CheckboxName <> -1 Then
       MsgBox "CheckboxName Must Be Ticked Before Saving Record!"
       Cancel = True
       Exit Sub
     End If
    End Sub
    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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