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    Unanswered: Validation of ComboBox values

    Like everyone - I don't have that much experience w/ Access.
    Using Access 2003.
    I have 2 tables (t_Data and t_Standards)
    I have 1 form (f_DataInputTemp)
    The form is based on t_Data with a combobox that selects records from the t_Standards table.
    This Combobox lists 5 columns; ID, DuroLow, DuroHigh, PostLow, and PostHigh
    (these names are shortened here)
    On the form there are 2 fields where data can be input that must be validated as being between the appropriate highs and lows.
    I thought I had it - - - but not so!
    The uncompressed db is less than 700 kb
    Can anyone take a look at it and tell me where i"m missing it at?
    Hopefully, I have attached it!
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    What have you tried? What results are you getting? Do you get an error, if so, what is it?


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