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    Unanswered: Network forecast report

    Hi ,

    I am pretty new to ACCESS.
    I have a table which has the following columns Key Number, Txn Status, Region, Plan 12-13(Qty 1), Dec 12(Qty2), March 13(Qty 3), Jun 13(Qty 4), Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 3, Segment 4,Segment 5, Segment 6, Segment 7, Segment 8,..........Segment 104.

    Now my basic idea is to group by Txn Status and Region where Txn Status is "Plan".
    Under Txn Status there are two values Plan and Approved.
    In my form I want Region, Sum of Qty1, Sum of Qty2, Sum of Qty3, SUm of QTY4, Sum of all segments (All this will be group by of Region and Txn Status where Txn Status will be "Plan")
    In the footer I need the sum of sum that is . I need the SUM of all the columns .
    I have attached the sample data of my base table. This is just a sample my actual data consists of 198 rows and the segments are not just 4 but 104.

    JUST To get a better picture

    All these datas are something related with networks. Plan 12-13 is the forecasted amount of segments that are needed for the period 2012 to 2013. As u said the Dec 12, Mar 13, Jun13 these are quarter related datas that how many segments that are needed for each quarter.
    Suppose we have a place A and Place B. The two can be connected via many segments of network. So the amount of capacity needed for each segment is given under these columns. For the time being NO more segments will be added.
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    see answer here:

    It works best if you don't cross post. You don't waste people's time answering a question that has already been answered in another post


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