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    Unanswered: Turn form into search form

    I have a patient entry form with multiple tabbed pages and subforms so it is pretty extensive. I need to turn this exact form into a search form so that the user can enter any data in they want and leave any of the fields blank and it will search the records based on the fields that were filled in. I then want the matches to appear in a subform that lists all possible matches below the search criteria.

    I would really like to just duplicate the form I have now and make changes to it to turn in into a search form so I don't have to rebuild a form from scratch. Is there a way to do this where I just add a button that when clicked will populate the subform based on any of the filled in fields from the form (again, this has multiple forms within it with fields from multiple tables)?

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    Have you checked out either of these search forms in the code bank? They should give you an idea of where to start.

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    Try looking for QBF (query By Form). This was a small database written in Access 97 and updated to ACC 2003 which takes your form and converts it to a query by form Form. Not perfect but should do what you want. I have attached the database file here. I am unsure where I got it from or who actually wrote it (IT IS NOT MINE). Hope this helps.
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