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    Unanswered: How to merge multiple databases mannually in MS SQL server.

    Hello Masters,

    Recently i got one assignment from my senior, I have to merge multiple sql server databases, I am confuse about:
    What is action plan?
    Where to start?
    How to start?
    What prerequisites should consider?
    What factor will cause error, how to tackle that error.

    Looking forward to learn something from you.

    Thanks and Kind Regards,

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    There is a heck of a difference between merge replication, database consolidation, and combining multiple schemas into a single database. You senior could have meant any of these choices or something completely different. Without understanding what you are to accomplish, there is little or no chance of success!

    Your first step needs to be to discover what your senior means... Merging databases is not a well defined term. They may mean one or more of many things, and without knowing what they want there is little or no chance that you'll accomplish that goal!

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    Look into synonyms. Lately I introduced this trick at one of my clients' sites, when they has to separate their main database into several databases, but did not want to change any fron-end code. You can successfully use it ONLY if schema names are different in each database you want to "merge" using this technique.
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