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    Unanswered: difference between Remap_schema and Schemas parameter

    Hi all,

    I want to import a schema from the dump file.That dump file exists DILEEP schema information.I would like t import that information into the KUMAR schema.In this case what parameter do i need to use? Whether Remap-schema=DILEEP:KUMAR or schemas=KUMAR

    Thanks in advance

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    As "source" and "target" schemas are different, I believe that REMAP_SCHEMA should be used here. If you used the original EXP and IMP utilities in previous Oracle database versions, then REMAP_SCHEMA does the same job as IMP's FROMUSER - TOUSER parameters used to do.

    REMAP_SCHEMA is capable of creating the target schema if it doesn't exist, but only if the user (you are importing data with) has required privileges. For example: EXP_FULL_DATABASE and IMP_FULL_DATABASE roles make such things possible. So, if user "dileep" has these privileges, you'd
    expdp dileep/pwd directory=your_exp_dir file=dileep.dmp
    impdp dileep/pwd directory=your_exp_dir file=dileep.dmp remap_schema=dileep:kumar

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