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    New Fledgling DBA - Seeking answers, tips and advice from the veterans.

    Hello everyone, I'm excited to be a part of this community and I hope it will bring some good things to help me in my goals.

    I am currently a student in a CIS program concentrating on Database Administration and Design. I have two years until completion of said program. I would like to gain employment as a DBA upon completion of my degree but I'm hitting two pitfalls right in the onset of my plans.

    1st) What / where is the best places to look for experience that will commesurate with gaining fulltime employment within my speciality?

    - I've seen posts that read I should seek out non-profits to fix their IT systems. Thus far, I've had a hard time finding anything of that capacity - though I am not without, I will keep looking.

    2nd) Would it be a good sign of assertiveness and self-starter if I gain OCA certification in 11g and 10g Oracle systems with another OCA in SQL 5?

    --I currently work in a dispatcher/emergency communications position that utilizing SQL to manage our alarm systems, saving, storing and backing up prior alarms for reviews and audits. Would this suffice for "some" experience in SQL?

    ---There seem to be -MANY- specialities within the DBA positions out there. How do I find the right fit for me? Some want Java abilities, others want MySQL. I guess what I'm driving at here is: Which DBA skills are most suited for job acquisition?

    ----Would gaining tech support experience be a good sub-step to gaining employment as a DBA? I'm currently working on my A+, Network+, Linux+(With JLP) and my Server+. I am looking for general employment in the data center or related to get my foot in the door, but I'm open to advice on how "best" to get ones foot into the door and get moving on better employment opportunities.

    **How important would any of you DBA's out there rate Linux? How fast should I move on obtaining my Red Hat Certs if it ranks high?

    -- That is all for now, I'm going to have more questions over time so I would like to thank you for your time spent on your answers and for offering me some advice.


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    Which DBA skills are most suited for job acquisition?
    Completely depends on the particulars of the job being applied for.

    Any database / SQL experience you can get while in school should help rather than hinder.

    Very few organizations will hire someone right out of school to be "their DBA". Some organizations have multiple database support people and do look for people to be trained.

    What is available changes fairly often as do the locales where these opportunities exist. Depending on where you "are" now and where you want to be located later should be considered.

    Some of my clients have participated in some kind of work/study situations, but i've not yet seen this for a DBA. You might talk with an advisor where you are studying and learn if anything might be available.

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