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    Unanswered: Temporarily disable a multifield index?

    Is there a way to temporarily disable a multifield index? I have a button on one of my forms that is used to update a number of records at once. This update is accomplish through using VBA and the updated field is a date value. In the process of updating values there will be duplicate values at a point but no duplicate values once the update is complete (ie. if the date is moved forward a day on one record, this may be indentical to another record until the code loops through to update that date a day forward as well). The code works as intended when I turn off my multifield index; however, when it is on, it will not run. Is there a way that I can temporarily disable this multifield index while I am running this code and then reenable it?


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    Not knowing your application, is there a reason why you can't run the code to find the last date and increment that date, and work your way backwards through the records?

    Alternatively, is there a reason why you can't use an Update query to update all the records simultaneously? Indexes are disabled in queries.


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