I wouldn't mind hiring someone that can set up my database in Filemaker for my business. Should be easy except the products section which requires way more thinking than I can handle for this. My needs are simple. I need a data storage solution to handle my clients, their orders, and the ability to invoice from that database. Filemaker has a nice little StarterSolution for invoices which is very nice but can't handle my products and ordering forms.

I do screen printing so The products table would have to have the garments I offer, The different colors each comes in, and the different sizes that those colors come in which sometimes vary within the same product but of different colors. For example, a black shirt might come in sizes s - 6xl, while a forest color of the same product might only come in sizes s - 3xl.

All I really need is someone to help me set the tables up so The ordering form works properly where I can select the category of a product (shirt, polo, hoody, etc) then the style (100% cotton, polyester, etc,) then color, then size.