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    Unanswered: Has VBA changed much over the years?


    I've been using Access for about a year and a half and I think that the time is right to learn VBA properly. I have come across the need to use simple coding here and there but not much really.

    I have done some research and found a few websites which deliver VBA classes(pre-recorded). One of which is and the other is, however VTC is using Access 2000/2002 to teach from.

    Access 2000: Microsoft Visual Basic for Access Course Online
    Access 2002: Microsoft Visual Basic for Access 2002 Course Online
    Up and Running with VBA in Access | Video Tutorial from

    Does it matter learning VBA from Access 2000/2002 to use in Access 2010?
    VTC offer quite a few free lessons to start off from and they seem to be good for Access 2000.
    Has anyone had any experience with any of these websites? Does anyone have any better solutions/sites/books to learn VBA from?

    I'm sorry if I waffled a bit, but I am not sure where to start from at all in terms of VBA.

    Thanks for your time.


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    VBA changes with each launch of a new version of Office or that product. sometimes the changes are significant most times they are not. Aside form the push to ADO from DAO around about the 2000 there hasn't been much change since.

    understanding the principles in VBA will stand you in good stead=, as th ehelp systems are usually pretty good
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