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    Unanswered: Space problem in SYSAUX

    Hi Experts,

    I got one problem,My database size is 1TB.Sysaux and System tablespace sizes are 1.7G and 2G.Sysaux tablespace was filled almost 90%.Now what do i need to do? Can i add a datafile to the sysaux tablespace? What could be the reason to get filled by sysaux tablespace 90%. What is the location of AUDIT and STSTAPACK files? Due to storing the AUDIT and STATSPACk information in the sysaux only it get's filled by 90%? If they are storing in SYSAUX or SYS tablespace,How can i separate them to the another tablespace?

    Thanks in advance

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    Use this to determine whats taking up the space:
    select tablespace_name, owner, segment_name, sum(bytes)/1024/1024 MB 
      from dba_segments
     where tablespace_name in ('SYSTEM', 'SYSAUX')
    group by tablespace_name, owner, segment_name
    order by 1, 4 desc

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