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    Unanswered: Migration to new Domain

    We have a network setup with two domain controllers, DC1 and DC2, working independently from eachother along with a DBserver1 that runs a BCM database and is a member of DC1. For certain reasons we would like to demote the DBserver1 and join it on the domain of DC2. What are the steps required in order to properly move a BCM Database running on SQL2005 to a new domain, where the security data lies in the active directory of DC1?

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    Not sure what you mean by "security data lies in AD of DC1", but you can change domain membership for a SQL Server. First, set SQL and Agent services to run under local box accounts. Then change the membership of the box, and lastly set the services to run under DC2 domain accounts. Check the database and job ownerships before you do all that, to make sure none of them are owned by accounts in DC1 domain.
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