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    Unanswered: Migration Input

    I'm a software engineer by profession and while I have quite a bit of experience very little of it has dealt (to any real depth anyway) with commercially available relational database systems.

    About 15 years I wrote a relatively large, mildly complex, system using Paradox in support of the needs of a large nonprofit organization (its currently running under Paradox 7). It has successfully, with the support of one technically knowledgeable member of the organization, keep them running for almost 15 years now. Unfortunately, that one member has now left the organization so they have come back to me for help in keeping them running, moving them forward, etc.

    I really don't want to rewrite the whole thing mostly because it's not necessary (in spite of their naive belief that porting it to Access would be a good idea). I was hoping though to get some insight on what might be reasonable steps to consider while keeping it Paradox. My current thoughts include stepping them up to the latest version of Paradox, writing a tool (which I'm mostly done with) to empty, resize and then reload all of the tables (some are still at their Win98 settings).

    The other base application details like making forms/reports more up to date can be taken care of over time.

    I was hoping to get input from the more experienced crowd here about other things I might want to consider during this upgrade? TIA!

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    as almost every thread here says, the paradox crowd isn't here.. it's at the paradox community web site

    Support - Paradox Community

    beyond that, there is very, very little paradox support these days.. dead platform (paradox and the BDE), ten years gone.. dead technology (desktop database).. if you get hit by a bus, your client is screwed.. they need to be moved to a modern, supportable, SQL-based platform.. your existing app is a blueprint of their needs, not a solution to their needs.. the one thing that you said that was correct, is that Access isn't the answer.. sorry to be so blunt, but that's reality..

    most long-term pdox apps are sitting in 7, 9, or 10.. no real reason to change from 7, unless there's some functionality in 9 that is badly needed..

    and no real need for a "tool" to do a one-time cleanup, if you're the only one who's really qualified to monitor the results.. just do it and be done with it, if it's really needed..
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