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    Unanswered: total in report

    i already have total at my form.then i need to print report with the total.i do that n its work but the total show mny times with same total..
    like this:

    total balance i use this formula for total balance
    90 nz([quantity in]-nz[quantity out])= bal
    90 then sum([bal]+[opening])=totala balance
    n so on....

    i have total this material, i give u one example of my material

    part name opening in out total balance date in date out
    ms roil coil 100 10 50 60 1/07/12 4/07/12
    ms roil coil 50 20 90 5/07/12 7/07/12

    n i want my report just show last date with total 90 only.

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    you either need to replicate the formula or do a bit of processing in background using VBA.
    for me I'd go the VBA route {in part becuase I really am a jaded developer and like to tinker with code , but also becuase it offers more flexibility}
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